Monday, August 24, 2015


What is the perfect shoe for a girl like me who loves pink and sheep? These beauties! I've been coveting these shoes for several months. Best yet, I got them 50 percent off! They're not a cheap shoe, so even 50 percent off was a bit hefty for this bargain shopper but it was the best price I'd ever seen them at.

And here's a close-up shot of the adorable lamb heels! I bought these in a size 6 1/2 instead of my usual size 6 because I felt the toe box was a little snug. These are comfortable enough that I can wear them with bare legs in the summer or with tights in the fall. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I happened upon the neatest clothing boutique this weekend. It was filled to the brim with dresses that were just my style. I don't usually gravitate toward the muted colors in this pretty dress but something about it reminded of a watercolor painting—plus it looked so pretty on the display. Luckily they had it available in my size. I even bought the cute pink belt with it. 

Friday, March 20, 2015


I can't think of a more perfect combination for a dress than pink and flowers! Adorned in embroidered daisies, this pretty coral pink Betsey Johnson dress is as comfortable as it is pretty. Best yet, it has a very forgiving silhouette that flatters a lot of different figures.

Thought this would be the perfect day to share my watermelon pink owl purse with you, too. I probably wouldn't wear it with the dress pictured above as it would be too much pink! I have this owl purse in black as well and I think that will perfectly with the coral dress.

And just when you don't think you can take any more pink (is that possible?), here's one last goodie to share. I found these sweet pink and lace for the bargain price of $10! They only had one pair left in my size 6, so I guess it was meant to be! Can't wait to wear these.

Happy pink Friday, everyone! Back with more fun pink things soon.

Friday, March 6, 2015


It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of wellies. So I can't begin to say how elated I was to happen upon these two pairs of wellies deeply discounted at my Target store of all places. I found them in the kids shoe section--perhaps that's why they still had some left? Splashes of pink add a playful touch to both sets of boots. These are size 4 kids and the left pair was $17 and the right pair $20. I couldn't snap them up fast enough for those prices.

And this is what happens when a certain curious kitty decides to check out what you're photographing! My dear cat Poe seems to find these boots as interesting as I do!

I've been coveting these adorable English wellies. They might be next in my growing collection!

Thursday, March 5, 2015


If you're local to the Des Moines, Iowa, area and are interested in either of these clothes, email me at

Pink coat $20 (If interested, email and I can provide measurements from shoulder to shoulder and armpit to armpit). This is a lightweight coat that has been worn but not by me (I meant to wear it but never did and now it's too big for me). It's in great shape and while not brand spanking new, is in good condition. Sorry it's wrinkled but I didn't have time to do any pressing this week. LOL!

BRAND New neutral heels (not worn once) size 6   $10
                                         SOLD, THANK YOU!

Friday, February 6, 2015


A nice pair of sunglasses and a pretty scarf are staples in my wardrobe. It was harder than anticipated to find sunglasses that fit my nose bridge but these ones by LULU fit perfectly. I've had them for two years now and hope I'll have them for many years to come. Happy Pink Friday!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


As we approach spring, I find myself wanting to surround myself with anything that reminds of me of my favorite season, and flowers fit the bill. These cute metal cups put a spring in my step! My plan is to store some of my buttons in them as their color scheme matches my sewing room.


What could be more perfect for someone like me who loves pink and taking photos than a pink camera? I saw this camera when it first came out more than a year ago but it was quite expensive, which was a little surprising since it is an instant camera and has a smaller photo than a Polaroid. Being a patient person, I bode my time and waited for it to go on sale and am now the proud owner of this adorable camera.


I've been a fan of Hello Kitty since I was a kid and am a sucker for anything half way practical that bears her image. This whimsical watch is no exception. 

Even the box for the watch was cute!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I'm pleased to report that I have two new pink additions to add to my winter and spring/summer wardrobe! Isn't this pink coat dreamy? I spotted it for 50 percent off a few weeks ago and decided it was time to snag it. They were down to the last seven of them when I ordered it.

I received it a mere week later. I couldn't wait to open the package! It was even prettier in person

Earlier this winter, I purchased a similar coat from Korea for a song (nearly half the price of the Modcloth coat). As I've said before, I don't think one can have too many coats living in Iowa! I like to pair them with whatever I'm wearing on a given day—and as a pink lover, I have a lot of options in this hue. Do buy with caution when ordering clothes from Asia. They are all much smaller sizes than here in the U.S. and what looks big like this coat isn't really. 

My other recent pink find is this darling soft pink/peach dress with an embroidered overlay, which I found while shopping with my friend Anne in late December. It was from the shop's last summer collection and so it was deeply discounted at just $35! This is NOT me in the photo (It's taken from the shop's site but the dress is no longer available). My dress is at my tailor because I needed to get portions of it taken in. Can't wait to get it back and start wearing it this spring!


After being disappointed by my newest wallet's rather quick demise (The snap broke after only two months!), I was elated to get this Kate Spade wallet (style: Stacy in Emma Lane fabric; $98). This photo doesn't do it justice. I normally don't go for colorblocking since it's a little too contemporary for my taste but something about this wallet captivated the pink lover in me.

After seeing it while shopping with my hubby one weekend, he surprised me with it one evening all wrapped up in this adorable paper.