Monday, June 30, 2014


If wear a size 7 or under shoe, you might be able to fit youth-sized shoes. I normally wear a size 6 ladies shoe and found this sweet pair of size 4 girls shoes at the discount store that fit my feet perfectly!

Best yet, they came in this sweet pink plaid box. It just goes to show you that good things really do come in pink packages!


Lovely tin for 40 premium afternoon blend tea bags. Text on the back reads: Keep and Carry On. On the eve of World War II, the British government printed 2.5 million posters with this message. The aim of the simple five-word statement was to convey to the country a message of reassurance for the troubled times that lay ahead. The posters went unused and were subsequently destroyed at the end of the war. Some 55 years later, a secondhand book dealer in England discovered a copy of the poster in a box of books bought at an auction. That find marked the rebirth and launch of the Keep Calm and Carry On message into the 21st century.

Friday, June 27, 2014


Darling hubby gifted me this beautiful Kate Spade Cedar Street Perforated Maise bag in Surprise Coral for my anniversary this year. It's very coral (but not quite as vibrant as this photo suggests) and a perfect size—big enough to hold all the essentials but not so big that you feel you're toting a lot of stuff.

Here is a better shot of it.


Every year since 2000, The Pampered Chef has teamed up with the American Cancer Society with their Help Whip Cancer campaign. This year's products are the pink Mini Mix 'N Chop and the Pink Bar Board. For every pink product sold, $1 is contributed to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer research. 


Several years ago, I started using Molton Brown products from London. They recently came out with this wonderful new scent, Rhubarb and Rose. I am addicted to the hand cream. Too bad it only comes in such a small container (1.4 fluid ounces) and sports a rather expensive price tag ($15).